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Pricing Options

By project

Volz Software provides a "by project" pricing model. This model allows the engineers at Volz Software an opportunity to test their ingenuity and project planning skills. This price is calculated by producing the complete specification and programming schedule. It allows the customer to create a situation where they are only exposed to the risk of a fixed cost. If it takes less time to fully complete the project to your specifications, we have earned ourselves a bonus. If it takes more time, the customer is not exposed to the additional cost.

Volz Software is flexible on the payment schedule for the project pricing model. Generally, we accept fifty percent of the payment of the project at project inception. The other fifty percent is due upon completion of the project. We will always accept some percentage of the project price at inception. Naturally, we will expect full payment at the time of completion.

By the hour

Volz Software provides a "by the hour" pricing model as well. This is often used for open ended projects or for finer control of the project's cost by the customer. For each hour worked the user receives a periodic bill. Rates and the periodicity of the bill are each determined on a client by client basis.

A word on scope creep (constantly changing requirements)

Volz Software reserves the right to add additional fees on top of the project pricing model should the requirements of the project change after the client has approved the design specification and time table.

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