A Memory Aid for People Who Like Funny Sentences

Volz Software recently completed an online application intended to aid college students in remembering collections of words using mnemonics. It is also good for making unexpected sentences. You can see an example here: CheatToBeat.com For this project we completed all the design as well as the programming using a mixture of PHP, Javascript, HTML, CSS and Ruby*.

*The Ruby was for command line tools to upkeep the site. Ruby is suprisingly easy to distribute to a Windows machine using RubyScript2Exe.

A Local Advertising System for Fantastic Sams

In conjunction with Admatrix, an advertising company, Volz Software developed a Windows based templating system for the creation and distribution of advertisements. This system is currently in use by Fantastic Sams, reaching all of their 1,400 stores across the United States.

A Reporting System for a Mortgage Broker

Volz Software is currently working with a mortgage brokerage company to streamline their internal reporting processes, as well as to consolidate their various business functions into a single platform. We are just starting the testing phase of this project, but it looks like the project is going to grow because they like what they can do with their own customer software. The first phase of this project required the creation of a data base driven software product that would track various entities within their business.

As time is always of the essence this project was streamlined to include only the entities and fields that were absolutely necessary in the first of at least 3 phases. The focus was to get to the point where particular reports could be generated through the software (previously, they were generated by hand, taking 4 days at the end of each month). Including the data base design, software front end coding, writing a custom reporting engine that outputs in both Excel and HTML (required by business requirements and time constraints), and testing, this project has taken about 3 weeks to reach beta. Having now reached beta with this project, the next iteration of this type and size of project would only take half that time.

Here are some screen shots to give a taste of the style of work Volz Software does:


Volz Software's Application Framework

This is a data base driven application framework and code generator. Code named "Code Gen" this program is capable of producing the backbone code needed for data base driven programs. This helps us to be able to provide affordable custom software to small businesses.

*Update* The Code Gen project has grown and adapted as customers have needed additional functionality. Porting the software to the .NET v2.0 framework was also a big improvement as the framework could take advantage of several of the new features in v2.0. It has also garnered a companion program (named Code Merc) that can be used for general code manipulation, further descreasing the time to market for custom solutions and increasing the value provided by Volz Software to its customers.

EZ Coordinator

Volz Software worked with MSGI to produce a real estate transaction management software application. Volz Software provided the architectural design, graphical user interface design, and the data base schema. See screen shots at www.ezcoordinator.com.

American Financial Services

We provided VBA Excel programming to produce mortgage rate sheets. Volz Software also provided a custom Java program to preprocess third party data so that it could be transferred to the rate sheets.